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Members Service

NMCBI is a member driven organization providing quality & effective information, professional services and various other support relating business and industry to the member companies and business people.


Join the Chamber of Business and Industry and you get access to a team of specialists who can provide up-to-the-minute information to help you efficiently solve an endless range of business challenges.

Certificate of origin

NMCBI is authorized to issue Certificate of origin to its members. 

Visa letters

We facilitate and issue visa recommendation letters to our members

Attestation Services

We attest documents including MOU, agency agreement & certificates

Members other Benefit

Following Benefits are offered by NMCBI to its Members

  • Networking across & within industry in Navi Mumbai and all over India.

  • Certificates of Origin at concessional rates to member companies and Professionals.

  • Visa recommendations for overseas visit for Directors & members only.

  • Information Exchange among member companies 

  • Navi Mumbai & Mumbai City Development initiatives

  • Professional and Capability development Seminars, Workshops, Conferences &Training for the members and employees of the corporate members

  • Indian and International Trade Facilitation Services

  • India Calling helpdesk and Facilitation Service.

  • Trade Fairs & Exhibitions in India and Abroad

  • Meetings with visiting overseas business delegations in India and Mumbai.

  • Participation in domestic and overseas delegations 

  • Access to expert committees across all sectors i.e. all events organized by them and representations made to the government

  • The opportunity of being part of any of the expert committee, subject to suitability

  • Research Activities through Economic Research Training Foundation (ERTF)

  • Social Services – Taking up causes for society – CSR initiative.

  • Latest overseas trade directories and Membership Directories.

  • Latest books on economics, management, industry, law, banking & taxation,

  • Government notifications,

  • Knowledge Papers / Booklets

  • Latest information about Direct and Indirect Taxes.

  • NMCBI Journal – A publication by NMCBI

  • NMCBI Daily Alert - Sent to the members daily through email giving the latest economic news and events being organized by the Chamber



Gain valuable insights through relevant resources and highly interactive sessions on essential business topics.



Gain valuable insights through relevant resources and highly interactive sessions on essential business topics.



Official uniquely numbered certificate of membership and permission to use the NMCBI Member title

Past Events & Conferences

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