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Deadline for Entries: Friday 31st May 2019
The Supply Chain 4.0 Conference and Awards recognise and celebrate operational excellence within the supply chain, logistics and warehousing sectors. An annual celebration since 2016, the event offers businesses the opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors, share strengths with customers, and gain a very public seal of approval for their services and achievements. Being a shortlisted finalist or winner of an award will also be viewed as a sign of quality and assurance by new and existing clients.

  • Receive industry-wide recognition 
  • Boost the morale of your team – their achievements will be recognized
  • Build confidence and trust – seek and retain customers with credentials   recognised by an independent and rigorous judging process
  • Reach new markets – benefit from the free publicity that comes with the marketing  of The SUPPLY CHAIN 4.0 Awards, including exclusive digital and print artwork for finalists  and winners
  • Attend the Awards ceremony – invite customers and staff to network, celebrate  and enjoy the glamorous presentation event
  • Award Felicitation by NMCBI, JNPT, DG Shipping, MIDC & Government representatives


+91 7906601725, +91 8928832596
Email:[email protected]
Deadline for Entries: Friday 31st May 2019
Enter & Nominate online at
The following categories reflect the most important areas for performance and improvement in a supply chain and intralogistics business. Entries can be submitted into more than one category, but each entry should be tailored to the category that is being entered.
Please read the criteria carefully before preparing your entry. The judging panel will assess your entry on at least one of the following criteria:
  • Evidence of measurable improvement in carbon reduction
  • Demonstration of efficient renewable energy use
  • Efforts made to protect and improve the environment with examples 
  • An education/training programme focused on a logistics operation but can be submitted in association with partners (charities, not-for-profit organisations, colleges, schools, universities, private training providers)
  • Evidence of how a scheme has or will develop the next generation of logistics operators
  • Industry-led initiatives which have taken ownership of the local skills market 
  • Evidence of how a company has actively encouraged a diverse and inclusive future logistics workforce
  • Significant, profitable growth in your sector
  • An increase in market share
  • A change in your business structure to enable strong growth
  • Evidence of strong strategic leadership/decision making resulting in growth
  • Collaboration with another logistics provider and/or customer to drive growth
  • Measurable improvement in areas such as efficiency, accuracy, and/or productivity as a result of the deployment of a process/product/procedure that could be classified as ‘non-standard’ or bespoke within the supply chain
  • Demonstrate that a change of approach unique to your business has brought a tangible return
  • A company/project which is not using traditional methods of logistics to move goods, that could be described as ‘disruptive’

Your entry must include supporting data where applicable, such as number of warehouses, staff, product lines, SKUs and items dispatched per day. Pick rate figures and key customers should also be included if possible. 


  +91 7906601725, +91 8928832596   Email:[email protected]
The Supply chain 4.0 Awards is open to businesses either from within the Supply chain,  logistics and warehousing industry or from within an industry that features Supply chain as part of its operations. Entries are sought from all areas of the industry, including retail, retail distribution, FMCG, manufacturing, aerospace, construction, automotive and third party logistics (3PL). Please note that The Supply Chain 4.0 Awards is operations-focused. Product manufacturers are invited to enter with a customer or client for whom they have worked to improve the operational standard of their supply chain and logistics activity. Please note that due to the nature of the awards programme, the official entry name will be assigned to the customer or client and not the product manufacturer (the supplier).

  • The deadline for entries is Friday 31st May 2019
  • All entries must be written in English
  • The focus of each entry must be on India based operations*
  • Entries submitted by product manufacturers must be submitted in conjunction with a customer or client and be operations-focused, otherwise the entry will be rejected
  • Entries must be based on India activities undertaken primarily in the period between May 2018 – May 2019. However, projects from before May 2018 will be accepted if the benefits continue to be realised during the qualifying period and data is submitted to support this
  • Entries must be accompanied by a 50-word synopsis, in addition to the main entry – this synopsis will be used on all publicity material
  • Entries (excluding the 50-word synopsis) must be no longer than 1,000 words – entries above this word limit may be disqualified We advise businesses to include testimonials within their 1,000-word limit Entries must be text-only.
  • Images will not be considered during the judging process
  • Entries must be submitted in Word or PDF format
  • Entries must be submitted online via the submission form on – entries sent to editorial staff or the event manager directly will not be counted
  • Entries will be treated as confidential, but NMCBI reserves the right to publish positive extracts from winning entries
  • All companies who are shortlisted as finalists will be notified directly by NMCBI before the end of June 2019            * Entries can discuss operations outside the INDIA, providing they exist as part of a Indian supply chain.
Align your business with the category that best matches your company’s offering. Alternatively, let us create a bespoke package that supports your promotional objectives.
For sponsorship opportunities please contact:
Event Manager:  +91 7906601725, +91 8928832596  Email:[email protected]


Event Manager:   +91 7906601725, +91 8928832596   Email:[email protected]
The judging panel comprises independent, senior industry experts with expertise across the sector, chosen for their knowledge, objectivity and credibility. Judges mark the entries in categories relevant to their specialist experience, ensuring a considered and educated response to your submission.

If you would like more information about the judging process, please contact at [email protected] 
The Supply Chain 4.0 Awards will take place on friday 21st June 019 at The Hotel Four Points  by Sheraton, Vashi, Navi Mumbai.
Tables at this event are anticipated to sell out quickly. There are a range of table packages available, including an exclusive discount for Supply Cahin 4.0 exhibitors.
If you are interested in booking a table for your company or clients at this high-profile industry event, please contact:
Ms. Anjana Yadav, Event Manager
+91 7906601725, +91 8928832596 / [email protected]

Align your business with the category that best matches your company’s offering.
Alternatively, let us create a bespoke package that supports your promotional objectives.

For sponsorship opportunities please contact:
+91 7906601725, +91 8928832596 / [email protected]
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